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Since 2006

BKA Rules, Policies and Procedures

Broadway Kids Academy and its parent company of Hollywood Kids Academy, LLC are privately owned and maintain the right to refuse service to anyone.

METHOD OF PAYMENT: BKA has an easy, online payment system. You create a Log In Account entering the parents information and then add each child individually into your account. (Note:  You can change your personal information anytime by logging into your account and editing it.)  Then register your child for the classes you would like them to be enrolled in. You will then proceed to check out and enter your Debit, MasterCard or Visa card.  Your card will be billed once a month on the same day of the month you registered for the classes. For accounting purposes, we do not accept checks, cash or money orders.
CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: All BKA students are under contract and therefore they are required to participate until the end of the semester. They may withdraw up to four months before a show, but after that they will be required to pay for the entire amount of their tuition. Because the students are all part of a cast and have been working on a show together, if a student withdraws this has a negative effect upon the cast and directors as well sends the wrong message to the students. It is very important that students learn to be professional and to be dependable and to honor their commitments.
CREDITS: All tuition is pro-rated for six months. Tuition payments will continue until Ms. Barbara receives an email to cancel. We do give credits on your account. No refunds.
WITHDRAWAL: All cancellations must be received by email.  Please send to Ms. Barbara at billing@broadwaykidsacademy.com.  Upon withdrawal, payments will discontinue beginning the following month.  Partial monthly attendance will not be pro-rated.  Additionally, students who withdraw early will forfeit their positions in our classes and may be placed on a waiting list upon their return depending upon class availability.  All students who withdraw early will not receive a refund.
DEFAULTING OF PAYMENTS: All students accounts must be current.  If for any reason payments must be delayed then Ms. Barbara must be contacted before the payment is to be made.  This will allow each student to continue on without any interruptions in their studies. Students whose accounts are not current will not be able to continue their participation in BKA.  Purposeful delinquency of payments can result in the permanent termination of a student’s participation in BKA.
LATE PICKUP FEE:  Children can feel insecure and abandoned if parents are habitually tardy in picking them up. Additionally, teachers personal time is affected.  To avoid this all students must be picked up on time from their classes.  A late fee can and will be assessed after the first 10 minutes except in emergencies.  If a student is not picked up within the first 10 minutes then the parent/guardian will be charged a $15.00 late fee.  Each minute after that the parent/guardian will be charged up to $2.00 per minute. Habitual tardiness (3 or more)  may result in the removal of your students from our programs. Your cooperation in the safety and security of your children is greatly appreciated.

Class Procedures

Communication is vital to your childs success at BKA. You will be receiving class updates and other important information via email from our Site Secretary/Managers frequently through various methods. Our staff will communicate with you via phone call, text and email. If you need to contact your teacher please email the Site Secretary/Manager.
Roll: All BKA classes take roll to insure that students are able to participate.
Punctuality:  Students should be on time to class. We understand that there are occasional delays, but if they are consistently late then the classwork is disrupted because every student is an important part of their class team.  Class/rehearsal times are limited and everyone’s attendance is essential for your child’s development and the success of their performance.
Class Drop Off: Students can be dropped off by parents as long as parents watch them come in.  Parents must pick up kids on time and in person unless otherwise arranged with BKA Manager/Secretary.
Class Attire: Students must come dressed properly for class with hair pulled of face. Please see our website "Class Attire & Costumes" Section for details.
Missed Class:  If your child must miss class for any reason, please email the site secretary/manager in advance.
Makeup Days: We do not offer makeup days for missed classes, however you may schedule a private lesson with your child's teacher at your own expense to bring your child up to speed with their class.


*All CENTENNIAL Shows will be at the CENTENNIAL STUDIO @  4161 N. Rancho Dr., LV  89130 #140
*All HENDERSON Shows will be the HENDERSON STUDIO @ 10870 S. Eastern #101, Henderson, NV 89052
*All SUMMERLIN/SOUTHWEST Shows will be at our SUMMERLIN STUDIO @ 4145 S. Grand Canyon #106, LV, NV 89147
DROP OFF:  Parents will drop off student on or before call time.  Parents will leave students at the studio and will return 30 minutes before Show Time.
AFTER SHOW:  Students mics will be removed along with their mics and costumes by the BKA staff and techs. Parents should wait in the lobby or theater (Centennial) for their students.  Students will need to take all their possessions as BKA is not responsible for items lost or left behind.
BACK STAGE ETIQUETTE:  To avoid confusion during performances no one is allowed backstage without permission before or after the shows except the CAST MEMBERS, DIRECTORS, and PRODUCTION Staff except for bathroom use.  Students will refrain from running, raising their voices, horseplay or any other thing that will distract students and cast members. Students will not be allowed to bring toys including electronic devises backstage unless permitted by the teachers.  Books and quiet materials are permitted.

BKA Safety Rules and Student and Parent Codes of Conduct

As a student at BKA:

1. I will appreciate my BKA instructors and staff and will treat them with respect at all times.
2. I will follow the BKA Safety Rules and Code of Conduct as well as the classroom procedures and dress standards. I will also follow the direction of my BKA teachers and the staff.
3. I understand that each class becomes a "Cast" for its shows. I will be a positive and supporting cast member and always treat other cast members and instructors with respect.  
4. I understand that my language affects those around me, I will use respectful and clean language at all times.  No profanity, crudity or swearing.
5. I will respect the personal property of others at all times. I will not touch another's property. 
6. BKA has a "Hands Off" policy. I will refrain from touching others unless I am directed to do so as part of my blocking/choreography in class. 
7. I will respect the BKA studio and will do my part to keep it clean and operational. 
8. I will respect all BKA equipment and facilities. I will not touch any BKA equipment. 
9. I will not eat inside the studio unless I am directed to by my teachers or BKA staff. 
10. I will strive to assist the BKA staff and my instructors at all times so they can teach and train me. 
11. I will be honest in all my dealings and communications at BKA.
12. I understand that my attendance is required unless excused by my teacher. 
13. I will not leave my studio for any reason without parental approval and notification in advance to the studio Manager and a parent comes and checks me out.
14. I will never participate in any types of bullying including teasing or threatening.
15. I will always conduct myself in a respectful manner and act appropriately.

As a Parent of a performer at BKA:

1. I agree that I want my child to succeed and be happy. I understand that my support as my child’s parent is critical to the development of my child’s self-esteem and talents.
2. I will communicate with BKA and its staff and read all emails, texts and other materials sent home.
3. I will be supportive of my child and come to the parent meetings and my child’s performances, assist them in learning their lines, solos, parts and in whatever way I can to help them to succeed.
4. I understand that during my child’s participation at BKA he/she will have many opportunities to practice and to perform on stage. This is the focus. I understand that the goal is to help them become a well-rounded, Triple Threat performer that can play any part and can sing and dance to many kinds of music. I understand that this is critical to their development and self-esteem in the performing arts. I will be patient and supportive of my child’s development and give them time to grow.
5. I will set a good example for my child and help them to learn to be respectful of others including teachers, staff and other students and become a valuable team player.
6. I understand that my child can be removed at any time if they do not follow the BKA Safety Rules and Code of Conduct and any other policies and procedures. My child may also be removed for any inappropriate behavior by myself or their other parent/guardian/s.


We at BKA work really hard to create a safe, loving, happy and professional place for all children to reach their dreams. Attendance at BKA is a privilege. Students may be removed at anytime for not following the Safety Rules and Code of Conduct as well as for any conduct deemed not appropriate at BKA by themselves or their parents.



For more information please call us at 702-633-5500 and we'll be glad to help!