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BKA Hours, Costs & Billing

We are excited to have your child involved in our year long programs. To make tuition payments as easy as possible, we have created a simple and affordable payment plan. The cost for each class is divided into equal installment payments and is spread out all year including show months. There are 6 payments per each semester. There are two semesters per year at BKA. For any questions you may have, please contact the billing department.

Registration & Billing

Method of Payment: BKA has an easy, online payment system. You create a Log-In Account entering the parent's information and then add each child individually into your account. (Note: You can change your personal information anytime by logging into your account and editing it.) Then register your child for the classes you would like them to be enrolled in. You will then proceed to check out. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. Your card will be billed automatically in equal installment payments. For accounting purposes, we do not accept checks, cash or money orders.

Cancellations and Refunds: All BKA students are under contract and are obligated to participate until the end of their contract. Each student is part of a cast that has been working together on a show. If a student withdraws, this has a negative impact upon the other cast members and directors, as well as sending the wrong message to the students. If a student withdraws early, they are responsible to pay for the entire semester.

Credits: All tuition is paid monthly. We do not pro-rate, nor give partial credit. TUITION AND PRODUCTION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

Withdrawal: If a student must withdraw, please contact Ms. Barbara at barb.broadwaykids@hotmail.com to begin the withdrawal process. There must be a valid reason for withdrawal. Partial monthly attendance will not be pro-rated. Additionally, students who withdraw early will forfeit their positions in our classes and may be placed on a waiting list upon their return depending upon class availability. Any students who withdraw early will not receive a refund.

At the end of each semester, your child is automatically re-enrolled in the next semester unless you contact billing directly. All cancellations & withdrawals MUST go through the billing department, not just mentioned to teachers or studio staff.

During the first 45 days of the semester, students may drop classes without penalty. After the 46th day of the semester, any student who drops a class, will be responsible for the remainder of the semesters tuition. No refunds, partial payments or prorating is available.

All enrollment is continuous. Students are automatically enrolled in the next BKA semester. Please contact the billing dept to withdraw.

Summer Camps: Summer Camp tuition is refundable up to May 5th. After that date, if you are not able to attend the Summer Camp you have registered in, you may transfer to a Summer Camp on a different date or receive credit on your BKA account for a future camp or class.

Declined Credit Card Service Fee: For all credit or debit cards that decline after the 2nd attempt for payment for tuition or production fees, there will be a $25 Decline Service Fee charged to your account.

Defaulting of payments: All students' accounts must be current. If for any reason payments must be delayed, Ms. Barbara must be contacted before the payment is scheduled to be charged. This will allow each student to continue in the program without any interruptions in their studies. Students whose accounts are not current will not be able to continue their participation in BKA. Purposeful delinquency of payments can result in the permanent termination of a student's participation in BKA.

Late Pick Up Fee: Children can feel insecure and abandoned if parents are habitually tardy in picking them up. Additionally, teachers personal time is affected. To avoid this all students must be picked up on time from their classes. A late fee can and will be assessed after the first 10 minutes except in emergencies. If a student is not picked up within the first 10 minutes then the parent/guardian will be charged a $15.00 late fee. Each minute after that the parent/guardian will be charged up to $2.00 per minute. Habitual tardiness (3 or more) may result in the removal of your students from our programs. Your cooperation in the safety and security of your children is greatly appreciated.

Each Semester Participation Class Costs

PRODUCTION FEES Your child's production fees include their Costume Rentals (Musical Theater Only), Script (Musical theater only), T-Shirts, Practice Link, Registration Fee plus a DVD per show for each performance they are in.*

*Note: "Performance Company" Classes require a special performance costume, which is in addition to the Production Fee.

Production fees will be automatically billed to your credit card on file once (1x) per semester on the following dates: September 4, 2024 for Fall Semeseter & March 6, 2025 for Spring Semester.
BKA has a modesty requirement to protect your child. The basic modesty under-costume is purchased separately by the parent and is not included in the production fee.
CLASSES Total Production fee per Semester (1x)
PERFORMANCE GROUPS (Singing & Dancing):
STARS Performance Company $260
"ENCORE" $260
"BRAVO" $260
"STARS" TRIPLE THREAT (Centennial location only) $380
Show Tickets Show Tickets can be purchased here.

Holidays are generally observed. When Holidays are on Mondays, classes will be held later during the week(Friday) to compensate or held as extra rehearsals during performance weeks. Please contact your director for details.

Note: Classes may be cancelled during performance weeks ie: Musical theatre classes may be cancelled during Performance Company show week and visa versa.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding billing, please contact Ms. Barbara. Cell: 702-419-0632 Email: barb.broadwaykids@hotmail.com