"We are a Values-Based, Educational Academy. We provide the most Professional performing experiences for Kids ages 3-18."
- No Experience Necessary!

Since 2006

Getting Started

  • 1. View our Class Schedules
  • 2. Create an Account and add your children.
  • 3. Pick your Class(es) and Program.

Choose your child’s class schedule according to your child’s age and level of experience – There are two Levels of courses at Broadway Kids –

Beginning/Intermediate Level. These classes are for kids who have little or no experience at all in the performing arts. They will help them improve. These are Twinkles, Kids Jr., Kids and Teens classes.

Intermediate/ Advanced Level. If your child has experience in Dance, Voice or Acting they should be at this level. These classes are “STARS”, “ENCORE” & “APPLAUSE” classes.

Recommended Programs: For your students to attain the maximum benefit at Broadway Kids we recommend participation in a TRIPLE THREAT PROGRAM. We have two Levels programs. These programs offer your child the best possible development and deepest discounts.

TRIPLE THREAT PROGRAM: BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE LEVEL: 3 CLASSES TOTAL (3.5 hrs. per week): This program includes - One Musical Theater class (1.5 hours per week), One Dance class (1 hr. per week) and One Vocal Glee Class(1 hr. per week). No experience required. No audition required. For kids 4 years and up.

TRIPLE THREAT PROGRAM: INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED LEVEL: 3 CLASSES TOTAL (4 hours per week) – This program includes – One Advanced Musical Theater class (2 hours per week- STARS, ENCORE and APPLAUSE) One Advanced Broadway Dance class (1 hr. per week) One Advanced Vocal Glee Class(1 hr. per week). Audition Only. Experience preferred. For kids ages 8 years and up.

  • 4. Click on the Program and classes you want your child in. If you are purchasing the “Triple Threat” packages then you must choose three classes- One Musical Theater, One Dance & One Glee.
  • 5. Click CHECKOUT
  • 6. Click PAYNOW. Enter your credit or debit card.
  • 7. Click on PROCESS PAYMENT. You are done!


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